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Atlantic Rose

Zigzag Petroglyph Ear Climber

Zigzag Petroglyph Ear Climber

Based on the zigzag petroglyphs found at archaeological sites such as Newgrange, Co Meath, Ireland, these beautifully simple ear climbers are light, comfortable to wear and eye catching. Made from 21 gauge(0.7mm) sterling silver wire, these simple geometric ear climbers make a subtle statement and can be worn everyday. The "bobby pin" shape holds the climber in place, along the ear lobe.

Part of the Petroglyphs Collection


  • Ready to ship.
  • Made using high quality sterling silver wire.
  • Also available in 14K yellow gold-filled wire and 14K rose gold-filled wire. 
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • To wear: insert earring into your piercing and rotate until the zigzag lies along the front of your ear lobe. Gently squeeze the ear climber until it is secure on your ear. The ear climber will mould to the shape of your ear, which may create a slight curve. 

Please note, this is a hand made item so measurements may vary a little.

If you prefer gold to silver, 14kt yellow and 14kt red gold-filled options are now available.

What is Gold-Filled Wire?

Gold-filled wire is made up of a base metal core (in this case brass) which is bonded to a layer of gold. The outer layer of gold must make up at least 1/20th (5%) of the wire's overall weight. This means that the overlay is thicker and more durable than gold plating, which is typically between 0.5-1 micron thick. Gold-filled wire is usually described by the karatage of the gold alloy on the surface, which is usually 12k or 14k gold.

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Care Instructions

Gently wash in warm soapy water, pat dry with a soft cloth and buff gently with
a soft polishing cloth.

Do not scrub your jewellery or use an abrasive cleaner, e.g toothpaste

Sterling silver will tarnish over time even when stored properly

Keep your Atlantic Rose jewellery in your gift box and bag. Each bag contains an anti~tarnish square
which will help to slow the tarnishing process down.

Remove your jewellery before bathing, swimming, or using household cleaning products.

Remember to remove faux ear cuffs before
taking part in any sport activities

Always use the clasp when putting on or taking off
necklaces and bracelets.

Viking knitting has a natural curve. Care must be taken not to bend the bracelet against
its natural curved shape as this will damage the silver weave.

Shipping & Returns

Shipped within 2-3 days. For returns, please see my Returns Policy.

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